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Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

In this modern civilization that we are living in, digital marketing has easily emerged as the new norm when it comes to marketing. Companies that initially used traditional marketing have now seen the benefits of digital marketing, and so they have made the switch. What have these companies seen and realized? What are the differences between digital and traditional marketing? Let’s discuss each type of marketing one by one and see the factors that made digital marketing an obvious winner.

Traditional Marketing

When talking about the cost, traditional marketing such as the use of hoardings, newspaper and television advertisements may be very expensive. As a matter of fact, a front page ad in a newspaper can be pricey because of the priority given to it. However, while it is easy to see the investment part of the process, you really do not have a measurable gauge as to the number of people who have actually seen the ad and have converted. Therefore, at this point, it is quite challenging to calculate your return on investment.

For example, in the case of a banner ad, only people who live or pass by in the area in which it is used can see it. It does not have the capability to allow others who are far from it to see it. As in the example of a newspaper ad, only people in a specific city can see the ad unless the newspaper is brought to a different place. At the same time, there is often a time constraint because of the availability of a physical store.

Digital Marketing

On the other hand, with the new digital marketing techniques, you can expect a significant reduction of overall cost and expenditures. As a matter of fact, the only paid strategy of digital marketing is pay per click (PPC) which is not that expensive at all. No other costs can be expected. Strategies such as social media and search engine optimization or SEO are almost free.

On the other hand, you can also expect a very good return on your initial investment. As already mentioned, every amount that you have invested will offer a specific amount of return. Also, unlike traditional marketing wherein a measurable gauge is absent, digital marketing presents several tools that can measure all aspects of your strategy. And because of these free tools, the ads can focus on targeting a particular group of people who may be interested in your products and services. This is quite impossible with traditional marketing.

The Verdict

With the obvious benefits that digital marketing has to offer as compared to traditional marketing, it is easy to conclude that digital marketing, in its different forms, is the best type of marketing, especially in dealing with the modern marketplace.

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