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5 Tips for Creating a Better Landing Page

5 Tips for Creating a Better Landing Page

Landing pages are an extremely important part of a successful strategy for marketing. They are the core for generation of leads. Today, companies are ensuring that for every campaign they run, there is a separate and customized landing page instead of just having a single home page which may end up in the increase in visitor drop-out rates.

Let us look at a few best practices when it comes to creation of landing pages having a high conversion rate.

1) Get to the point

Considering that people, who are browsing, have extremely short attention spans, it is always better to get straight to the point. As people are coming to your page with a specific objective in mind, you need to make sure that you are forthcoming and clear in your offering for them. Use clear headers and sub-headers. Use clear, easy-to-read fonts. Emphasize important points by making them bold or using italics or a separate color. Tell the visitors what they will get on your page, without mincing words.

2) Keep contrasting colors

Ensure that your main call-to-action really stands out on your landing page by using colours that contrast with the background, for it, so that it immediately catches the attention of the viewer and ensures that the attention goes exactly where it is required.

3) Put your logo clearly

It is important to keep your brand at the top of the mind of the visitor and hence it is vital that your brand logo is placed at strategic locations on all your landing pages. This is extremely important for those visitors who are coming to your landing page from a generic search or through non-branded sources which are external. These may include social media platforms as well. Also, try and maintain consistency in the placement of your logo across all landing pages so that it aids in brand recognition and recall.

4) Do not underestimate the power of formatting

Formatting is a mandate for creation of good looking landing pages. Well done formatting results in a neatly laid out landing page. It also makes the page pleasant to look at. Clearly laying out your photos, titles, response oriented forms etc. ensures that the page is user friendly. A landing page that is aesthetically formatted will increase the chances of your visitors getting converted to leads.

5) Add proof to build trust

Add case studies as well as some social proof, which supports your claims/offerings, to your landing page. Try putting up some testimonials, quotes from happy customers etc. Look through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc and try embedding the tweets/updates of where people have said good things about you. If there is data about how many people have bought your product etc, that too can be added as proof on your landing page. These proofs work on adding credibility to your page and offering.

If you follow all the above tips and also ensure that you are consistent in using them across pages, then your landing page is sure to get you high rates of conversion.

If you have any other tips to share with your fellow marketers, please let me know in the comments section.

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