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Mobile Marketing – The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing

Mobile Marketing – The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing

With the innovations that have been introduced in recent years, some of the most relevant are seen in mobile phones, which are reflective of a wide array of features making it possible to do the things you have thought of being impossible in the past. Ask people how they are using their mobile phones, and you will surely have a variety of responses. Some use it simply for making calls and sending text messages. In most cases, however, it is an extension of one’s self, making it useful for school, business and entertainment, among others. With its many uses, mobile phones present a new opportunity for digital marketing, making it possible for businesses to have a more extensive reach of their audience.

Mobile is in

Because of the popularity of mobile phones, it has already replaced desktop computers as a way by which people access the internet. This makes sense as mobile phones offer the benefit of convenience, allowing you to go online regardless of your location. According to data released by eMarketer, 43.6% of overall media time will be spent on digital this year, with 19.4% of which spent on mobile phones and 19.2% on both laptop and desktop computers. This shift from desktop to mobile is notable not only on different activities, such as social networking and viewing videos, among others.

Implications on Marketing

Because of the growing popularity of mobile phones all over the world, marketers have been quick to think of different ways by which it can affect business activities, specifically with regards to promoting different products and services. For instance, you can now develop mobile apps to bring your business closer to your target market. It also makes the use of social media more relevant, given the fact that most users access social media websites from their mobile phones. It has also presented opportunities for mobile commerce, allowing businesses to sell their products and services in a mobile platform.

Nonetheless, even with the increase in the popularity of smartphones in recent years, it does not mean that businesses should forget about desktops and laptop computers. Especially for those who think smartphone screens are too small, they still rely on their traditional desktops, which is why it is critical to maintaining a balance of advertising activities on both mediums. For website creators, this would mean paying attention to responsive design. With the latter, the website can be viewed without obstruction; whether it is accessed with the use of computers or smartphones. They instantly adapt to the screen size of the gadget being used, making it possible to offer an unrivalled user experience.

In fact, you do not need to allocate a huge budget towards mobile marketing. The cost factors of both the mediums is now converging with more brands getting onto the mobile bandwagon. This rise is definitely going to show businesses new and exciting opportunities for this medium.

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